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A Love Note to Parenthood

On our second wedding anniversary, Devin and I scheduled a maternity shoot with Stephanie Parsley. We exchanged notes to each other at the end of our session. Today, I'd like to share my note to Devin.

If someone had told me when I was a teenager that my future husband and father to my children would be Devin Gregory, I would have laughed and said something like "in his dreams!" Haha, yet here we are, 10 years together, 2 years married and 8 weeks shy of our first child coming into this world. It's funny where life can take us, but through it all, you are the one that I imagine by my side not only for my future but now for the future of our children.

The truth is, I would be content traveling the world with you, exploring, and cuddling up with Ty, Lucy and you in bed for years to come. We had created a relationship where I felt content, yet there were these stories untold-- stories featuring a child of our creation--that became hard to ignore. Untold stories like looking through a telescope on a starry night, our child wide-eyed and curious as you patiently answered all of his questions. Or stories of us piled up under blankets watching movies together and sharing a big bowl of popcorn together on a rainy day. In all of these picturesque stories, there was a common thread--we were overflowing with love for each other and our little human.

While I know parenthood will have plenty of trials for us as individuals and as a couple, I want to discover these stories with you. I want to know what Devin, my boi, my husband will be like as a father just as much as I'm curious about my role as a mother. I want us to share the magic of life with our child, and maybe selfishly, I want to experience it for myself too as I know this child will be a teacher for us too. My promise to you as your wife is that I will be beside you and lift you up through your moments of weakness, doubt and scarcity. Equally, I will do my best to lean into the moments of blissful joy, silliness and play, casting out foreboding thoughts like light to a shadow. We will stand hand-in-hand through this new journey of parenthood, for better or worse, till death do us part.

Thank you for your continued love, patience, and humor. All my love to you on our second anniversary and all the untold stories we have yet to create. Your Mexican Queen and Forever Bride, Erica

Photography by Stephanie Parsley

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