My name is Erica Gregory. I'm an Arkansas-native storyteller, chasing the light of the sun with my camera at hand to capture your magic.​
As a young girl, I loved to write stories about dragons, wild animals, and anything else that inspired my 10-year-old self. My love of writing, archetypes, and my curiosity to the human condition has helped me understand the power of our stories. 
I believe photography is another form of storytelling, using emotion, light, and composition to visually tell the pages of your story. 
The truth is, I'm not much different from that girl writing stories in her notebook. I'm still allured by beautiful oddities, folklore, nature, and the myriad of stories which constellate us. 
Which story do you wish to capture, friend? 


Everyday Magic are seemingly ordinary moments viewed with enchantment, awareness, and gratitude.  My goal of each story session is to capture your inner magic and light. It's the spell of life that pulls for more. 


Perhaps you feel this same connection.


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I don't know that I can confidently say I have a green thumb, but I do like to include plants in every room of my home.  

Whether it's hanging out with my family or catching up with a friend, I believe in taking time to be fully present and connecting to what I love. 

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While most days my husband and I are homebodies, we still enjoy exploring and feeling fortunate enough to cross off places on our travel bucket list. 

-Watching Studio Ghibli movies--especially during the summer 
-Never skipping breakfast. My favorite being biscuits and gravy.
-Sharing our bed with our dogs, Ty and Lucy
-Visiting flea markets and second-hand stores for new treasures  

-Rewatching Game of Thrones episodes (The North Remembers) 


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