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Adam + Amanda: Pinnacle State Park

When I first met Amanda and Adam at Santo Coyote, I felt an instant connection, not only as their chosen photographer, but also as a friend! For having only been engaged less than a year, I admired Amanda’s attention to detail for her June wedding--speaking to my heart as a diligent planner! Listening to the two of them talk about their wedding, I couldn’t help but notice how they always let the other one finish a thought before adding to it--giving direct eye contact and a sweet smile. These may be small details, but to me they are signs of how much respect and love the two have for each other. Adam is also a standup, thoughtful guy! On the day of their engagement shoot, for instance, Amanda decided it was best to take off her wedges along the Pinnacle Mountain trail. She lasted much longer than anyone I would know! Anyways, so Adam stayed by Amanda’s side the whole time and helped her wherever possible, like a true gentleman. Whenever Amanda would kick herself for "slowing us down," Adam would chime in and how well she did and how it was for the best that she went barefoot. These nature-loving nerds are my kind of people and I can't wait to photograph their big day at Mount Nebo! Thank you Amanda and Adam for entrusting me for what I know will be a beautiful day.


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