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Lexis' Indoor Maternity Shoot

Since Devin and I have been together for nearly 10 years, I’ve gotten to know many of his family members like my own. And through all those years, I’ve seen changes throughout his family. His cousin, Lexis, is no exception. I’ve known Lexis to always be the one at family functions with colorfully printed lounge pants, a nest of hair wrapped in a head scarf, an au natural face and tattoos peeking behind her shoulders or on her crisscrossed feet. She’s free-spirited, headstrong, a contagious laugher, and like me, has had her fair share of opinions about the idea of having kids.

So, when the family found out Lexis was pregnant, I think I can speak for the Johnson side of the family and say that it was a bit of a surprise. But like most life events, we knew Lexis would come into her own space at her own pace with love and support from her family. The day I took these photos of Lexis, her beau Dillon, and his daughter Caroline, I saw a woman transformed and completely comfortable in the family she had already created. For this shoot, Lexis opted her signature colorful lounge pants and head scarves for an ethereal white dress and flower crown. And in Lexi-esque fashion, there were still splashes of color throughout the nursery with Dr. Seuss decoupage letters and books upon books for little Cassi. Her adoration for Dillon and Caroline was easy for me to capture as everyone traded corny kid jokes back and forth, snuggled each other under the window light, or leaned in for tender kisses. Lexi, thank you for letting me capture your magic during this momentous transition. I know you’ll always be that loving, boho babe at heart and now you get to share that love with your daughter, Cassi.

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